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Floral Design & Artwork

Having worked for many years in the floral industry, I can truly appreciate the beauty of nature – and this has inspired me to use my God-given artistic talents to create my own beautiful arts in many forms. In addition to my wide variety of drawings and paintings of orchids, and my part-time hobby designing greeting cards and stationery, I also design unique and exotic landscapes, container gardens, floral arrangements, and seashell containers using real seashells. Gift Box Set of Floral Greeting Cards

It gives me great satisfaction to create something beautiful. I try to design each and every piece of my work with a unique and exotic look. My greeting cards and stationery items are pieces of art in their own right – unique and exotic. The composition, textures and colors are carefully planned to convey a certain feeling.

My cards are available in packs or individually. The Assorted Gift Boxes come with pre-selected cards in a nice gold colored box with transparent lid. This is the quick and easy option. But if you'd rather pick them out yourself, you can simply browse my Floral Greeting Card selection and add as many as you like to the shopping cart as desired. All my cards are 4¼" x 5½" and can be supplied blank or with personalized greetings.

I accept most major credit cards as well as PayPal transfers. If you'd prefer to pay by personal check or money order, just browse my site to find what you'd like to buy, then email me with the card reference numbers and quantities.

Landscaping in or near Chattanooga, TNFor my landscape work, I create colorful and exotic designs that are hopefully unique. I transform my imagination into reality. I've toured many different countries to discover landscaping techniques from around the world. Sometimes I incorporate other ideas to create something truly exotic and unique.

Floral Arrangements in or near Chattanooga, TNWith my floral arrangements, I use splashes of color that compliment each other. I strive to create designs that don't exist anywhere else. I want to convey a certain feeling according to the occasion. I want my work to speak for itself. Customers really seem to like my work, and I've been called on to do various floral arrangements for churches, parties, and weddings.

Seashell containers available by special orderI create my seashell containers for blooming orchids plants. All my containers are hand-made using real sea shells. I bring the beauty of nature from the bottom of the ocean and combine it with beautiful blooming orchids, which are mostly native to the tops of trees in tropical rain forests!

My greeting cards are available to buy online through this website – just browse my collection and add them to the shopping cart, and check out using PayPal or any major credit cards. If you would like more information about my landscaping work, floral arrangements, or seashell containers, please email me. Thank you!